Cinco De Mayo

Cinco d Mayo Bloomingdales

Antojitos | Appetizers

Guacamole 10.95

Nachos 9.95

Mashed Avocado, tomatoes, chopped onions, cilantro & spices

Tortilla chips covered w/ refried beans, melted cheese & jalapeño pepper strips

Coctel de Camarones 9.95

Shrimp cocktail w/ avocado, tomato sauce, cilantro & onions

Frijoles Refritos 8.95

Refried beans w/ Melted cheese & tortillas 

Aguacate Relleno 9.95

Half avocado stuffed w/ shrimp & covered w/ our special sauce

Queso Derretido con Chorizo 9.95

Chilaquiles 9.95

Fried tortilla strips covered w/ shredded chicken, beef, shrimp or pork, sour cream, shredded cheese & special red sauce

Melted Cheese w/ Mexican Sausage & tortillas

Taquitos 9.95

Quesadillas 9.95

Soft flour tortilla stuffed w/ cheese & Mexican sausage

Fried corn tortillas stuffed w/ pork & cooked w/ tomato sauce & green or red sauce, topped w/ sour cream

Sopa de Pollo 6.95

Sopa de Albondigas 7.95

Meatballs in a homemade red sauce 

Chicken Soup 

Sopa Negra 6.95

Black Bean Soup 

Combinaciones | Combinations

Served with Rice & Beans 

$14.95 any option

1. Taco, Burrito, Chimichangas

5. Taco, Enchilada, Chile Relleno

2. Taco, Enchilada, Tamal

6. Enchilada Suiza, Chile Relleno, Enchilada

3. Taco, Burrito, Enchilada

7. Vegetarian Platter

4. Enchilada, Burrito, Tamal

Cheese Chile Relleno, Cheese Enchilada & Guacamole Burrito

Especialidades | House Specials

Served with Rice & Beans 

Flautas 14.95

Tostadas 14.95

Made of Tortillas fried to pastry like flakiness filled w/ Beef or Chicken, garnished w/ guacamole & sour cream

Open crisp tortilla topped w/ beans, Beef or Chicken, lettuce, tomatoes & sour cream topped w/ shredded Mexican cheese

Chimichangas 14.95

Chalupas 17.95

Shredded Beef cooked w/ onions, tomatoes and peppers rolled in a flour tortilla & fried to a pastry like flakiness, garnished w/ guacamole & sour cream

Soft tortilla quick fried in hot oil topped w/ Beef or Chicken, chopped onions, green or red sauce & an avocado slice

Add Shrimp 4.00 extra

Tacos 14.95

Chiles Rellenos 16.95

Folded crisp Tortilla stuffed w/ Beef or Chicken & Cheese

Mexican green peppers stuffed w/ Chicken, Cheese or Beef

Enchiladas 14.95

Botana Cinco de Mayo 16.95

Soft tortillas stuffed w/ Chicken, covered w/ red sauce & melted cheese

Miniature versions of tostadas, flats, chalupas & taquitos. Served w/ guacamole & refried beans

Enchiladas Suizas 14.95

Soft corn tortilla stuffed w/ Chicken, covered w/ green sauce, melted cheese & sour cream 

Tacos al Carbon $21.95

Soft tacos w/ grilled tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, herbs & chopped steak, served w/ refried beans & guacamole

Enchiladas Mole Poblano 14.95

Steak Mexicana 12.95

Soft corn Tortilla w/ Chicken covered w/ our special sauce

Sliced shell steak, sauteed in garlic, basil & oregano, cooked w/ tomatoes, onions & green peppers, seasoned w/ jalapeño juice

Burritos 14.95

Rolled flour tortilla stuffed w/ Beef & melted Cheese 

Huachinango a la Veracruzana 19.95

Fish filled w/ tomato sauce, olives, onions, Mexican herbs & green peppers

5 de Mayo Platter 39.95

Carne asada (Grilled Shell Steak), 2 Carnitas (pork), Chorizo, guacamole, refried beans & corn tortillas (for two)

Tamales 14.95

Cornmeal stuffed w/ Chicken, covered w/ green sauce, melted cheese & sour cream 

Special Entrees

Served with Rice & Beans 

Alambre Platter 21.95

Fajitas 21.95

Steak, chicken or shrimp chopped & sautéed w/ bacon, mushrooms, poblano peppers & onions. Served w/ tomatoes, refried beans & guacamole

Chicken, Shrimp & Beef marinated in our special sauce, cooked w/ sliced onions. Served w/ Salad, beans & tortillas

Naco Platter 21.95

Tampiquena Poblano 21.95

Breaded Steak, pork in green sauce & shrimp in white sauce served w/ Mexican salad & rice

A thin strip of boiled steak served w/ an enchilada, mole poblano, an enchilada Suiza & strips of Mexican green peppers in a cream sauce with refried beans & salad

Pollo | Chicken

Served with Rice & Beans 

Chicken Your Choice 18.95

Pollo Poblano 18.95

A la Mexicana, mole verde, mole pipían, mole poblano

Chicken sautéed w/ poblano peppers, garlic & herbs, prepared w/ tomato sauce & topped w/ Mexican Cheese. Served w/ black beans & salad

Pollo Juanito 18.95

Chicken breast cooked w/ sweet peppers, mushrooms & onions, served w/ refried beans, rice & salad

Bistec | Steak

Served with Rice & Beans 

Bistec Montezuma 18.95

Shell steak split in half stuffed w/ Mexican cheese, topped w/ sauteed onions & special sauce, served w/ Mexican salad & rice

Steak Ranchero 18.95

Sliced Shell steak, sautéed in garlic, basil & oregano, cooked w/ tomatoes, onions & green peppers, seasoned w/ jalapeño juice

Sarape 18.95

Shell steak sautéed in garlic, topped w/ refried beans, green sauce & melted cheese served w/ Mexican salad

Puntas de Bistec 18.95

Open sliced steak sautéed in Olive oil w/ sliced onions, garlic, green tomatoes & chipotle peppers. Served w/ beans & flour tortillas

Bistec Calaco 18.95

Steak sautéed w/ spices, sliced onions, poblano peppers, seasoned w/ Herbs & served w/ black beans & salad

Sombrero Steak 18.95

Open shell steak, wrapped w/ bacon, in a mild sweet & spicy sauce topped w/ melted cheese, salad, rice or refried beans

Campesino 18.95

 Open Shell steak cooked w/ crushed garlic, black pepper, olive oil & onions. Served w/ double corn tortillas, topped w/ refried beans, mild green sauce, cheese & sour cream 

Carne Tampiquena

Mexican style broiled shell Steak, w/ cheese enchilada covered w/ Chef's special sauce

Bistec Enrollado 18.95

Rolled Steak stuffed w/ Cheese & bacon, prepared w/ White sauce, served w/ beans & salad

Puerco | Pork

Served with Rice & Beans 

Pork Chops your Choice 18.95

A la Mexicana, mole verde, mole pifian, mole poblano

Puerco Empanizado  18.95

Breaded pork w/ sweet sauce (tomatoes & orange juice) & melted cheese. Served w/ rice & beans

Camaron | Shrimp 

Served with Rice & Beans 

Camarones al Chory 18.95

Shrimp sautéed w/ butter, herbs, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños & cilantro served w/ rice & beans 

Camarones ala Mexicana 18.95

Shrimp sautéed in tomatoes, green peppers, onions & mushrooms w/ tomato sauce

Festival de Camarones 18.95

Camarones Acapulco 18.95

Shrimp in White sauce, breaded shrimp, shrimp on a skewer, Mexican shrimp w/ Mexican salad & rice

Shrimp stuffed w/ cheese & wrapped in bacon. Served w/ Mexican green sauce, rice & salad

Camarones Salsa Verde 18.95

Enchiladas Veracruz 18.95

Shrimp sautéed in garlic w/ special sauce, green tomatoes & spices. Served w/ rice & beans

Three enchiladas, stuffed w/ sautéed Shrimp topped w/ sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes & melted cheese

Postres | Desserts

Bunuelo 3.95

Flan  3.95

Caramel custard

Sweet Chimichangas 3.95

Flour tortilla stuffed w/ banana & honey 

Helado  3.95

Thin crisp pastry topped w/ honey or sugar

Ice Cream (Chocolate or Vanilla)

Bebidas | Drinks

Coffee 2.50

Tea 2.50

Soda 2.50

Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Orange Soda & Mexican Sodas (Mandarin, Tamarind, Fruit Punch, Pineapple)